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Cookies allow us, among other things, to: save your preferences and settings, prevent fraud, place a contact form, integrate social media and analyse how our website and online services are performing.

The Kickboxing Society does not require prior permission from you as a visitor to place functional cookies and make limited use of analytical cookies, which are necessary, among other things, for a service to function. Functional cookies, for example, are files that keep track of what is digitally in a shopping cart. Analytical cookies are used, among other things, to track visitor numbers and improve the website. These cookies may have no or only minor consequences for the privacy of the visitor.

All other cookies, such as tracking cookies, are only used if you have given prior permission to The Kickboxing Society.

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Pop-ups ensure the website visitor is asked for permission in advance. This is the case, for example, if the statistical data is also used to build visitor profiles.

Cookies (and other similar techniques such as JavaScript) ensure, for example, that you can remain logged in to a website or location, and the language settings will be remembered (functional).

Website owners can also see, thanks to cookies, how often their sites – and which pages – are viewed by visitors (statistics). Cookies are used when using, for example, a Like button (social media).

Cookies also make it possible to keep track of information about your use of multiple websites (tracking cookie). Our privacy and cookie policy applies to the use of cookies regarding the information collected by The Kickboxing Society.

You can find more information about the processing of (personal) data in our website privacy declaration.